New Playbook: The Pinbone by Ben Roswell!

Hello friends! Announcing the first contributor content for This Is A Game About Fishing: The Pinbone by Ben Roswell!

Other people catch the fish, you just dress them; tenderly remove their guts and bones and scales till they can feed your family. Other people love to fish, but they don’t love the fish themselves like you do. You seem harsh and stern but thats because other people see the devastation wrought on rivers and oceans, only you see the corruption growing inside the fish themselves. You open your kitchen to your friends and wrap them in your arms, but all the time you plot; one day you will cut the poison from this world just as you do from organs and flesh, and you will be there to heal the fresh wounds afterward.

The Pinbone has been added to all the files!

Ben super rules, you should go check out all his games at


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Mar 20, 2020
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Mar 20, 2020
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Mar 20, 2020

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