New TIAGAF! Two Additional Playbooks & Zine Format!

Hey folks! I just updated TIAGAF with two new playbooks: The Companion & The Can Of Corn!

The Companion:
Like, Zoinks! Two legs are overrated. You know what's cool? Four legs, or six, or maybe none? You're not human, literally. Plenty of other animals have evolved to be natural fishers, and some of them hang out with humans! You're the plucky pet, the cartoonish comedic relief, or the solemn reminder that humans aren't the only ones impacted by climate change.

The Can of Corn:
How do you do, fellow youths? I'm just like you all, except maybe for all this slime. Back in my day we didn't use all this fancy gadgetry, no we went down to the river with a bucket of corn and maybe some good old fashioned stink bait and we got messy and smelly and we didn't care about the spines or the slime we just threw bait and scooped fish. The Can of Corn is old, slimy, and smelly, but they have a conscience and somewhere in their gross heart is a little bit of hope.

I also updated the layout of the game, so now you can print it off as a booklet or zine! There's printing instructions when you download, or you can visit this link on how to print PDFs as booklets.


Added a number of physical copies of this game to order!

Physical copies are printed on half-pages of 8.5"x11" paper in color and staple-bound.

Shipping anywhere supported by USPS, including international shipping locations.

This game is available as a physical zine/card deck. Order at this level to be shipped a physical copy! Every physical copy adds two Community Copies to the pool for folks who are not able to pay full price for digital copies.


Itchio will allow you to select this option without requiring you to fill out your address. If you forget to fill your address out at time of purchase, or if Itchio does not prompt you for an address while checking out, please email me at with your order info and shipping address and I will mail you your copy!


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Feb 13, 2020
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Feb 13, 2020

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