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Say It With Me

I used to live in the darkness. In the stars I floated lost and unable to dream. Consumed with everything I thought, my mind wrapped in harmful ideas, losing hope, losing my own heart to the howling winds. I know that there is a long journey ahead of me. 

But I put the past behind me and focus, not on the miles I’ve travelled through the darkness, but on the stars ahead and the miles I have yet to soar. The rainbow nebula ahead, spinning with magic and color, a kaleidoscopic world painted with hope and trust.

The ghosts will try to find me, but I know that what’s left of my heart is made of gold and the scars left by the cosmic winds make me who I am: magic and stardust and dreaming.

The journey is over and the journey is just starting. I have so many people to prove wrong, most importantly myself. I believe that something beautiful calls to me.

So I will take this spaceship to the stars, fuck what anyone says. This planet feels like a hopeless place, and I’m tired of waiting for my spaceship to come back to me.

Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down

You’ll Find A Rainbow is some sort of game, I’m sure of it. It’s also a Space Dream. It was created with the principles of the Sword Dream community and stands for hope and friendship. I encourage you to share this game with the people you care about, starting with (and most importantly) yourself. This game was written as part of the Jammi Jam Jam, as a hack of Jammi’s game “Cut To The Feelings” which is an incredible game that you should go buy. 

You’ll Find A Rainbow is a game that uses destruction as a way of finding love. It encourages you to fight yourself and to love yourself. It explores combat (a staple in games) as a tool to highlight your invincibility and strength. It asks you not to ignore what hurts you, but to realize that the hurt is what makes you perfect and indestructible.

This is a game about queer people who struggle with self image, with doubt about their identity, and with trouble feeling enough. In the emptiness of space, surrounded by howling winds of doubt, you will find a rainbow and sing your strength. In the face of every challenge, you will win. We may play to find out how you get there, but the magic inside of you will always prevail.

This is an indulgent game, a sensational game, and a cheesy one, but I also encourage you to play it sincerely. You are strong, you are enough, and you’re made of gold. Depression is a liar, one you can defeat, and your queerness is magic enough for you to do it.

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TagsLGBT, lyric-game, Queer, self-care, solo, Space, sword-dream, sworddream


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I'm not sure how to leave a rating, but from what I seen so far I would +1000, I will 1 up the "Shelves' Schwa" comment and make it go from +1 to +2 soo... That's my mark I will do for now...


​This game made me feel toroidally queer and how losing all magic means entering that space where pulling one positive piece of the shattered glass of me out to make into a wrap for a friend gets given room so happens 😊💗💗