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Two worlds spin as one in the misty air of the void. Two imposing rocks alight in fog. Both worlds ripple with aerie crags and the rush of wind buffets those who live on their surface. The wings of dragons fly here, and those who ride them know the air well.

Two worlds spin as one as dragon and rider come together, looping acrobatics through the void. Just as the inhabitants of one world are unaware of the other, so too are the initiate and the hatchling, neither connected to the other, only thinking of themself.

Two worlds spin as one, and as the colossal spheres hurtle towards each other on a cataclysmic collision course, the souls of rider and dragon move to intersect as well. At the end of this story, both will be one, or both will be none.

A 2 player role playing game about a young dragonrider and their dragon, growing bonds together as their world falls apart. Play holding hands with your fellow player and as you bond with them, loop yarn gently over your clasped hands to signify the strength of your relationship.

Included in the 2019 IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Most Innovative nominated "You & I" anthology.

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AuthorRiverhouse Games
Tagsapocalyptic, Dragons, duet, hand-holding, lyric-game


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If you ever entertained fantasies of playing one half of a dragon and dragon rider pair, this beautiful game is for you. It walks you through a carefully crafted, innovative set of narrative beats, and provides helpful prompts that establish the flavor of the game perfectly. Love the use of yarn!