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“I have the kiss of Walt Whitman still on my lips.” - Oscar Wilde, letter to George Cecil Ives 1882

This game takes place in the nebulous time after the American Civil War in the mid to late 1800’s. Specific dates or locations don’t matter, but the events of the Civil War are over, and the country is beginning to heal. Brother fought brother, and the best of friends often clashed. A great crisis of self has fallen on the land and the country stands on a new opportunity to define its identity as a nation.

Play occurs as a conversation between players embodying pairs of queer lovers, immediately following the discovery of a mysterious and ancient artifact. You play using tarot cards, tapping aspects of yourself and providing hooks that other players can grab on to. You will use these Traits to influence your conversation and actions throughout the game, and you will use the Traits of your friends to get them involved as well. As the curious discoverers of The Artifact you will want to unlock as much knowledge as you can, keeping tally as the game progresses, but that knowledge comes at a price. Be cautious of attracting the attention of The Artifact’s destructive power, and try your best to keep your lover safe as well.

If the price of this game is a hardship to you, please email me at Taylor@RiverhouseGames.com or DM me on Twitter @LeviathanFiles and I'll get you a download key, no questions asked.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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