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I just love it so much. Thanks for making this!


Riverhouse Games has created magic with this cozy game, a magic we need in these dire times more than ever.

In this collection of Self-Care Exercises, we are reminded of the little things we take for granted in our daily lives.

The Six Spells focus our mind on the mundane and help us realize the magic in the little things.

5 Stars well deserved - alongside a Thank You for making this game!

Six Spells To Help You With Your Curse is, in-universe, a series of rituals to help mitigate and combat the effects of a curse that has been placed upon you.

Out-of-universe, it's a way to ritualize self care and make it easier to do.

The PDF is 10 pages, with an extremely easy to read layout and a nice, comfortable cover. There aren't any illustrations inside, but ultimately this kind of emphasizes the text, and that really works for this game.

Six Spells' writing is its central strength. It sticks to its premise throughout, but never at a detriment to the reader. Physical chores are "Somata". Teeth are "mouth bones". Everything is couched in ritual terms, and the language is consistent, warm, and strikingly funny.

Overall, Six Spells is either a great read or a valuable self-care tool. It's a good game, and that's "good" in the ethics sense as well as the design sense.

Minor Issues:

-"collection of" isn't capitalized on the cover. This might be intentional, in which case disregard this note

This is so lovely! I think it'd be perfect for the Pleasant Dream Jam too!