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Its been such a long day in the sun. The ocean waves lap against the sandy shore in hushed refrains and as you stretch out on a smooth rock outcropping, you hear the gentle chorus of mermaids. Their song fills the air like warm caramel, and as the sun glitters off the sparkles of seawater and sand spread out over your stomach, the mermaids melody massages your weary muscles. It feels nice, the warmth of the sun, the soothing songs of sensuous sea cryptids.  You tease and laugh, you giggle in the sun and the spray as the mermaids reach for you.

This is a game about dick touching, maybe. I should make that clear up front. If you're not on board with telling the story of a bunch of mermaids maybe touching your dick this may not be the best game to play right now and if that's the case, that's totally chill. There's so many games out there to play that don't involve mermaids possibly touching your dick, find one of those and have a blast, friend. 

If you're intrigued by mermaids maybe touching your dick but aren't totally sure if you're comfortable acting it out, much less in front of other people, it's totally fine to use this as a fantasizing exercise. You can play this game alone if you want, or you can just read this text and imagine. I won't judge either way, your comfort and tastes are yours, friend. I made this for you to enjoy and I want you to feel comfortable enjoying it.

If you're feeling like you're about hypothetical mermaid dick touching, well damn, I've got a really good game for you to play with some friends, and it's this one.

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What an interesting game conceptually. Could be something to break out with the right group, but It'd have to be a group who's open to discussion.

Can anyone help me discover WHAT IS A FLOPPY JELLY HAND FWAPPER?


This totally sounds like a great game to play with some of my close friends, I'll be proposing this to them when we can have some non-judgemental family free time. May have to substitute the dildo for something else to keep it conspicuous, but other than that it sounds like a game plan for a fun evening with my guys, galls, and non binary palls. I'll update the review when we finish a game!

I haven't even read this yet but I'm already excited. More people need to see this.

Such a strange, yet fascinating idea. I'm usually down for weird stuff, so this looked like fun.


This sounds like the worst thing ever. I'm in.

It is a really fun game that'll leave you either laughing till your stomach hurts or so aroused that you'll need to have a private session as soon as it ends. (If you get my meaning 😉) That being said, it's a great way to unwind and bond with your friends. As a plus, it's a healthy game!! You'll get to know how if you get it. I loved watching my friends' faces get alternatively red or light up with laughter. 

This sounds like a really fun game. I've shared a pdf with all my friends and asked them spread it around to anyone interested as well. This has the potential to be very fun depending on the company you are with. I'll drop another review depending on how our first game goes. Thanks for the community copy!!!

How did the game go?!