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that was funny, thanks

This just absolutely made my night. Thank you for putting this together.


For best results, read closely, take the advice seriously, and give each step its due consideration.

Also for best results, don't print it.


Totally misleading. Okay for the price I got it.


step 8 is the best advice someone could tell you

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... But for real. This was so fun.

I can’t claim or download this for some reason. Was really looking forward to reading it.

you should be good to go now!

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I am unable to claim  the game when I try to, it seems the physical zine is interfering with it.

you were correct! I removed the physical zine option and everything works now to download. Thank you!


Absolutely life changing advice. Take note future game designers, all of the 200 word RPG winners follow the advice laid out in this book. An absolute must-download for anyone looking to publish indie RPGs.


larger than life advice! 


So nice I downloaded it twice.


Classic, masterpiece, insightful. 

I'm a gay wizard


You certainly are & the world is better for it!


I feel extremely misled. The three pages of advice this product offers (in an enormous font) are completely whimsical and playful, with nothing concrete. Under "Advance Praise" a reviewer of this game says that it helped them to "understand the arcane secrets of layout software." I took that review seriously when deciding to pay for this product, but the review was a joke. I'm sure plenty of people will appreciate the quirky, philosophical nature of this product, but they should be aware when they buy it that that's what they're getting.


Thank you for your energy! I'm glad that the product managed to convey the lesson that Game Design must be "Whimsical", "Playful", "Quirky", and "Philosophical". It's the passion of reviewers like you that made this game hit the #1 spot in Physical Games this weekend, so I thank you! 

Entirely unexpected and wonderful.


Excellent! I'm happy you enjoyed!


Every page is packed with wit, every word is important, every idea clearly expressed, and every suggestion is valuable in learning to craft your own game, big or small. An absolute must read. Bravo, this is a triumph. You can quote me on that.


thank you for the critique! I’m glad you enjoyed!

MMM. ok!then!

I hope this is a good ok then!


OK PHEW! I'm happy it impressed!