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Full Of Memory is a storytelling game where you play as a vengeful forest.

That's it. That's the premise. And it's a strong one.

Full is diceless, and it feels like almost more of a game to read than a game to play, but it *is* definitely playable. Full's writing is also really strong, and it does a lot of mechanical and narrative tricks to specifically ground you, make you feel present, and to connect you with your forest. 

If you like intense experiences, this is definitely a game for you. And if you like collaborative storytelling without having to worry about random results, this is really definitely a game for you.

I think I would recommend this to anyone who likes narrative games. Every part of it is super polished and well-executed, and it would be an extremely solid addition to your library.


Thank you again for the kind words! FoMaA has a special place in my heart and I’m glad it had an effect on you as well.