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The forest stands old. When the fog rolls in at dusk, and the boots of mailed adventurers crush stems and ferns, these trees uproot. Not quenched by rain or river, the forest drinks the blood of its invaders. This forest is old, full of memory, and anger.

You stand, within the core of ancient aspen or old oak, feeling the flow of sap in spring and the frozen silence of icy winter. As the forest breathes, you burn the bones of those who sought to carve through. Cruel dryads, all, you and your fellow spirits spire upwards toward the light of stars, and score the stone beneath your roots with deep cracking force.

And one day hatred walks in your domain. Fire and steel assails wood and stone as armored knights, gnarled wizards, and shrike sharp rogues bring death with them. Passing through wood like doors you emerge, recondite and wielding blades of razor thin fern. You defend the woods. And for now the intruders melt into the dirt and you sleep once again. If a hate-filled heart screams in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

Full of Memory And Anger is a meditation game of time and stillness, interrupted by brief scenes of ecological retribution. You play fae creatures living in the heartwood of old growth trees, dispensing asymmetrical retaliation to intruders in your realm. These intruders may bring with them evil and hate. They may be powerful fantasy adventurers, formidable masters of industry, or indiscriminate agents of chaos and pollution. You will always crush them in terrifying ways.

This game is inspired by The Skeletons by Bully Pulpit Games. It is a game of answering questions, but more importantly it is a game of silence and of waiting.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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When I was reading the description, it made me think of Skeletons, I wasn't surprised at all to see it as an inspiration.

I like the concept of this a lot.

A wonderful game.

I ordered a physical zine in April, any word on that shipment? (Sorry, I'm not super familiar with itchio, I would've private messaged you if I could find the option to do so...)

Hi, if you haven't already done so please email me Taylor@RiverhouseGames.com with your order info and address. I've been doing monthly USPS runs during COVID so some orders have been delayed but if you ordered in April your zine should have gone out.

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Full Of Memory is a storytelling game where you play as a vengeful forest.

That's it. That's the premise. And it's a strong one.

Full is diceless, and it feels like almost more of a game to read than a game to play, but it *is* definitely playable. Full's writing is also really strong, and it does a lot of mechanical and narrative tricks to specifically ground you, make you feel present, and to connect you with your forest. 

If you like intense experiences, this is definitely a game for you. And if you like collaborative storytelling without having to worry about random results, this is really definitely a game for you.

I think I would recommend this to anyone who likes narrative games. Every part of it is super polished and well-executed, and it would be an extremely solid addition to your library.


Thank you again for the kind words! FoMaA has a special place in my heart and I’m glad it had an effect on you as well.