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You are a tiny fish, the smallest, just incredibly undeniably small. Nobody questions this.

You have big friends, with big hearts, big swords, big dreams, and big adventures. You are still a very tiny fish. But you do have one thing that puts you on their level: a big-ass fishing pole that turns into a laser sword.

Use this playbook if you want to celebrate how cool your friends are, if you want to frolic in elation at the sheer grandiose wonder of the world, or if you want to hit things with a big-ass fishing pole that turns into a laser sword.

At the time of writing, I have not read Troika. My plan is to write a background for the game based entirely on Natalie Libre’sThe Beargirl” background and the knowledge I can pick up from it. Thank you.

A VERY TINY FISH WITH A BIG-ASS FISHING POLE THAT TURNS INTO A LASER SWORD is an independent production by Riverhouse Games and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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absolutely loved it.

Got this based on the title alone and listen, LISTEN, if you are even slightly amused by the title or description, stop reading and go download it now, you won’t be disappointed.

Downloaded my copy and read through it with my cousin (who really loves fishing and has never heard of a ttrpg in their life until now) and we were laughing so hard and genuinely excited to try this out.

11/10, delightful, hilarious, genuinely exciting, can’t wait to use again

I adore the way this is written, super cute, gave me a big smile.

thanks for making and sharing!

I didn't know that games that work with my style of hosting tabletops existed. This is perfect for how I play. Will give a rating after I play a session with my friends.

Oh my goodness I'm not even finished reading the pdf and I already love it so much and am rating it five stars.

AHHH! Thank you! I appreciate the excitement! (I love it too!)

I finally played it!! And it was awesome. Very wholesome, even when using my bite powers as a tiny fish. I purposely chose it as the 2nd TTRPG I've ever played haha.