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These are playsets to be enjoyed with the game A Single Moment, written by Tobie Abad. You will require a copy of the rules for ASM in order to use these playsets. Instructions for purchasing a discounted copy of ASM contained within this game. Find more of Tobie’s work on his blog.

The five playsets included are:

  1. Woodland Animals: Cute and cuddly or brutal and raw, Bambi or World’s Deadliest? The animals of the forest have their own stories to tell. From great migrations to the first bleats of mating season. Dewey morning leaves in the morning may fall at dusk. These are the tales of the wild.
  2. Superheroes: Magic rings, super strength, telekinesis, or energy beams. No amount of high-powered malarkey can protect you from your feelings. Costumed crusaders adorn alter-egos to fight crime, but the real demons they battle are those within.
  3. Gamers: We’ve all had that one game before. Tensions flare, friendships are tested, or even broken. Favoritism, rules lawyering, or poor playtest feedback can strain even the heartiest of friendships. This is the story of how it all went south.
  4. Angels & Demons: The forces of Heaven and Hell converge. Star-crossed friends and lovers struggle to stay together during this divine war. Half-naked beefcakes with too much eyeliner brood sensually, and tank-top clad women realize they’ve been “The Chosen One” this whole time.
  5. Wizard School: Witches, warlocks, wands, and wefts. Welcome to your first day at the prestigious Wizard School! Learning spells and potions gives way to rising hormones and teen drama. When emotions reach their breaking point, there’s nothing left to do but have a Wizard’s Duel.

From the Foreword, written by Tobie Abad:

"Taylor has created options for you all to try playing Woodland Animals, Superheroes, Gamers, Angels & Demons and Wizard School. That means fans of everything from Tokyo Jungle, Young Justice, In Nomine to Harry Potter can now use A Single Moment to explore those kind of stories. Gamers gets a special spot in my heart because it allows one to gain some catharsis from experiences with bad gaming circles and the like - which frankly doesn’t happen often enough."

If the price of this game is a hardship to you, please email me at Taylor@RiverhouseGames.com or DM me on Twitter @LeviathanFiles and I'll get you a download key, no questions asked.

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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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